Salon Calendar for Workgroup

Salon Calendar for Workgroup 4.9

A networking scheduler for beauty salons and clinics

“Salon Calendar For Workgroup” is a program designed to help specialists in the field of health, fitness and beauty care. “Salon Calendar For Workgroup” shares data in real time over the network. It is very easy to use and, being rather fashionable, it matches the place such as a beauty center or a plastic surgery clinic.

“Salon Calendar For Workgroup” helps specialists to sort out their daily activities and be efficient at work. More than that, there is a feature that allows any member of the staff to view others' profiles; it is very helpful to know when other members of the staff are busy. It may seem that the security aspect has been overlooked, but this isn’t the case. All the profile data is protected with a password preventing unauthorized access.

There are also many other features that are nice and helpful. For example, there is a possibility to open the required date, edit reception hours, add or cancel visits, and so on. Users can choose vertical or horizontal timelines and 12- or 24-hour format. “Salon Calendar For Workgroup” has an auto backup feature and a built-in print designer, and the user can also import and export data. I think a lot of people can benefit from this fine software.

Alex Vince
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  • The profiles data is password-protected preventing unauthorized access
  • Suitable for all Windows versions


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